Parents define beauty!

Thinking of what to write in my first post, I decided to write about my parents! I suggest you relax and listen to some really good soft music – maybe some piece on a piano, a violin or a flute – while reading ahead (’cause that helps beautify my text)! Sounds funny? Don’t laugh. Read on.

Being able to find beauty in everything and to be able to appreciate it, is what my parents have taught me! They are the ones who think about us all the time. Every step they take, every breath they inhale, every decision they make, is for us; is for our betterment. The best part is that all of it is so selfless. Such love makes it so easy for us to be with them. For me, this unselfish care and love is the definition of charm. The purity of our relation and the underlying selflessness is the origin of all beauty in my life. They are the ones who know me in and out. They are the ones who are happy when I find happiness. They are the ones who feel the pain when I get hurt. They are the ones whom we have in our lives so that we learn to appreciate things and accept differences.

Growing up and learning things is a many-stage process. Many individuals play a crucial role in defining us as we grow up. They influence our opinions and thoughts but the effect that our parents have on us is incomparable to that of anyone else. In my case, the influence was beautiful. They bequeath to me a spirit of reverence for all things – living or inanimate. They are my source of beauty. They are my world. They make my world beautiful!



2 thoughts on “Parents define beauty!

  1. There is a special bonding between parents and their child….Parents try to explore themselves in their children whereas; children usually surrender themselves initially to their parents treating them as their God who could protect them from all evils….and this faith & selfless innocent love of the children develop a bonding between them……forever….forever. In case children stay away from their parents………but this bonding rarely vanishes……

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