Indian Summer

The hot Indian summer is here! End term examinations end and all I need to do, is to board the first bus leaving for Rishikesh. Yes! That’s where I live. I am indeed, one of those lucky people who get a chance to live in the World Yoga Capital, the beautiful city of Rishikesh. The irony here is that the lucky I wasn’t lucky enough when it came to buses. No air conditioned bus left in the morning, but I already was at the bus station. Carrying that entire load back to my hostel to wait for the AC bus, was just not going to happen!

I have had worse experiences in the Indian summer at my village. Mercury rising above forty five degree centigrade and the scorching heat of the “too-generous-in-summers” sun without an air conditioner is something not every person gets to feel. This heat kind of burns me but there’s something beautiful to these summers.

Right now, as I travel, I can see a pebbled road under construction. They are widening the roads; cutting down trees; developing the rural India; the real India! Beyond the road, there is a vast stretch of land divided into small cultivated areas. The larger portions belong to the richer ones, while the smaller ones, to the poor. There are trees planted in rows. As a child it fascinated me to see trees growing in such a pattern. Although now I am a grown up, the fascination still continues. The area of Muzaffarnagar may be known for its frequent Hindu-Muslim riots or thievery but all I can see from my window, is an infinite expanse of sugarcane and rice cultivation in stunning green, some pretty organized creepers and a lot of other plants that I cannot even recognize. That is what my eyes can see; greenery, harmony!

Indian summers aren’t as bad as they are talked about. I see some people doing errands even in this burning heat. People are working at construction sites, in the fields, at their cloth-sheltered shops, and inside the boundaries of their household. This is a typical village scene. All of them are so alike. Mine is in the Eastern UP and this one here, it’s in the West! All I find different here are the crops that they grow.


Indian summers are all about brightness. You can boast the brightest colours. The fields chose green. I, although, chose a brown with bright orange and gold border!

Indian summers are all about liveliness and vitality. Getting up from the bed early morning is so very easy! In fact, it is worth getting up early for the cool morning breeze. Now, that is really rare in the rest of the day!

Indian summers are as incredible as India herself!

So if you are in the beautiful Indian land this summer and hope to get the real feel of it, pack your sunscreens, shades, hats, a ‘lot’ of water and experience the sizzling sun in the rural India because that is where the majority of India lives and survives every day; even in this heat!

Do not miss on the sugarcane juice ‘or’ the ‘mangoes’!

There was this quote I read on Instagram:
Don’t bother yourself with the ‘could haves’. What should have, would have.

Summers could have been no better!


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