A day from her diary

As far as I could figure out from the diary entries, Kate was attending swimming classes, free of cost. She was simple, yet beautiful, with pretty hazel eyes and flowy black hair, her cheeks a gentle pink. She had a supple elegance in her mannerisms. Her friend Vanessa was running an institute for swimming aspirants. She allowed Kate to attend the classes for free. Kate’s husband, Jonathan, was a tall man with sharp features and a toned sleek body, and was married to Kate for two years now. Even his slightest body movement would show off his athletic body. His jawline could make any girl go bonkers. Despite his good looks and improving acting skills, he had to struggle in the film industry. Grabbing a hot shot movie in the Hollywood is certainly not a cup of tea for all! His struggle wasn’t his alone, apparently. Kate told her diary how she too was struggling every day.

14th June 2000

Dear Diary

It’s been almost three months that Jon hasn’t entered home before 1:00 AM. It’s been too hectic for him. He is working as hard as he can. He leaves at 6:00 in the morning and comes back only after midnight! Our marriage has successfully completed two years but it is so not what I had always dreamt of. Seems to me now, that Jon was always right when he said that I lived in a fantasy world of mine, because my life is far from dreams. It is harsh reality! He needs me. He cannot survive through this struggle alone. And sure he has me. I will always be there, whether or not he realizes it. I will silently be there, for him; for my Jon! We had wanted him to be on the top since the first day he talked about his dreams. That was about him. I too had dreams. I had never wondered in my entire life that I would spend two years of my life doing nothing worthwhile. I spent five years doing architecture, and what am I doing with my degree? I just wait all day long, so that I can see Jonny at least once. He is here and yet not here. He is near me, still so far away! Why did it have to be this way? I long for him and seems like all I can do is long more! There’s a lot of waiting. He has more important people to attend to. The worst part is that he knows I understand. I understand if he cannot make it home for dinner on our second anniversary. I understand when he cannot receive tens of calls from me. I understand when he cannot reply to my million texts. I understand when his work requires him going out for lunch with his colleagues on my birthday. But do you know what the best part is?  It’s that he tries to make up to all of the understanding part that I play. He sits next to me when he thinks I am sleeping. Of course, I be wide awake, feeling his soft eyes fixing stare upon my face. Once in a while, he would even land a peck on my forehead. I so love it that I pretend to be asleep, praying for one more. I don’t know if he ever noticed it. Mom could always figure out when I faked it. She was an expert. Now that she’s here no more, and nor is daddy, I wish so desperately that Jon knows me.

I long for love now. The day I was getting married, I had thought of so many beautiful things. I had thought of travelling around the world, of candle light dinners, of Friday evening parties, of weekend brunches that he would cook, and of so many other things. Presently, I am nowhere near any of it. I long for human touch, for hugs, for caressing hands. The first few months were amazing! We enjoyed so much, but I don’t really get to see him these days. All I can rely on, is the fact that ‘this too shall pass!’ I can only hope for a better future, where we can afford my swimming lessons, his dreams, our fantasies and our happiness. Yet again, I want him close. Yet again, I want to hug him. Yet again, I want to sit with him in the cool morning breeze and sip coffee. Yet again, I want to kiss him, caress him. Yet again, I want to accompany him to the bashes. Yet again, I want to laugh with him. Yet again, I want to listen him reading novels to me. Yet again, I want his company. Yet again, I want to dose off in his arms as he finishes watching movie after movie. Yet again, I want him; my Jonny, my Jon!!

His forever


4 thoughts on “A day from her diary

  1. You are this emotional o_O
    And creativity 👌
    Or may I liked it just because I read this kinda thing first time :p but awesome :’)


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