Lifeline of the Indian capital!

It was 7:24 PM IST and I was at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, waiting for a friend so that we can go eat some mouth-watering waffles at Wenger’s. I was reading a novel but the constant announcements for the arriving and departing trains were quite distracting. So, I thought I could just tell you what exactly was happening here. There are no wonders if I call the Delhi Metro Rail Network ‘lifeline of the Indian capital.

Rajiv Chowk happens to be the busiest metro station of all, due to its proximity to the age old Connaught Place, and due to being the conjunction of the Yellow and Blue lines of the Delhi metro rail network. The metro trains help around a million people travel around Delhi with the ease of a cakewalk and comfort of an air conditioned cab, except if you don’t get a seat for over an hour! A few days back, an overhead cable snapped somewhere near Laxminagar leading to a halt of the blue line metro towards Vaishali. The entire grid gets affected. That was why even our ride from Botanical Garden to Rajiv Chowk, that otherwise takes forty five minutes, took over two hours! At every station beyond Yamuna Bank, people filled the platforms, as if it was a matter of life and death. For over an hour, no train had entered the Vaishali route. It was then that I realized how drastic an impact the metro has on our lives. When you can board the train every two minutes, waiting at the station for “hours”, may sound nearly scary to death. Especially in the evenings, after most of them had spent their entire day at the offices working like Jack – all work, no play – it must really be terrible!


Anyway, as I stood waiting for my friend, I saw a man running to the platform; then another man, who had some problem with a leg, so he was mostly jogging awkwardly than running; and then there were more and more men running towards the platform. That; and I knew the train was coming. Well! Not just this, but I did deduce a little more, thinking of myself no less than Sherlock Holmes! The first guy I saw running was all dressed up in a formal blue shirt, more of a shade of violet mixed with blue, and a contrasting dark pant, hair well combed and clean shaven, a little dusky and decent looking, with formal shoes, yet he ran like an athlete, with the bag on one of his shoulders like a soldier, sprinting towards the platform, dedication dropping from his face with every step. Hilarious! So, this basically could make me come to the conclusion that he had worked in an air-conditioned office where a formal aura was maintained nine to five; and now he was on his way back to his private space, which the youth today, wants absolutely separate from the work life.

Also, dear reader, after having read the above paragraph over and over again, I think I sound more like Dr John Watson, and not like Sherlock, by merely stating the obvious, missing on everything important; or I may even be worse! *sighs*

Enough of the “science of deduction”! I was talking about the Delhi Metro Rail Network being the ‘lifeline of the Indian capital’. If I recall my memories at the metro stations, there’d be many. From awesome selfies after rains to the pizza treats at Domino’s, from pastries at Mr Brown to travelling a few stations in the wrong direction, from staring eyes to polite seat offers, from endless gossips to crazy laughs, from friends making it awkward to embarrassed smiles after stepping on someone’s feet; every moment is worth remembering! Had it not been for the metro, I wouldn’t have left my hostel to get around; ever! It’s such a blessing to not get stuck in the jam packed roads of Delhi! Thanks to the metro that a million people don’t have to wait for the cabs or worry about the weather or the distance or anything else!


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