Thank you!

It’s a little too obvious to mention, but I will still state the fact that whatever I am today, whatever I am capable of reading, writing  or doing, it is solely because of my teachers. At every step of life, I have had new teachers with new lessons. I have learnt something from all of them. Had you known all those teachers, you would know I am quite a reflection of them. My parents were the very first teachers and will continue to be my guides forever. From the first words that maa (my mom) taught me, to the little steps I learnt from babuji (my dad), I have always had their guidance, their support. As a child, school was the place of major learning; and yes! I did learn! From something as simple as a smile, to concepts as complex as the Theory of Relativity, I have learnt. 

Therefore, I extend my most heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers on this Teacher’s Day for contributing to my making!

Thank you for being a part of my life!

Here goes a poem I just wrote for all you wonderful teachers out there.

[ Warning: The words in this poem convey lesser love than what I actually feel for you. ]   

You taught me how to walk on the ground.
You taught me how to fly.
You taught me how to take a leap;
And how to touch the sky.

From the dots and dashes on paper
To all the words that I can write;
You were my lamp, my sunshine
You were the only light!

Travelling on the road of life
You held my hands throughout.
And every time that I was lost
You called for me aloud!

There may be poems and great quotes.
And mine may not be the best.
But I know for a fact, you’ll love this too
Who cares for the rest?


2 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Today. …….5th of September 2015……really a memorable day for me…..bcoz of you. …you makes me proud being a teacher. …my all the good wishes always be there for you. ……….God bless. ….:)


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