She was here just yesterday!

Death is the most obvious fact of human life!
That’s so much irony in a single sentence, but so much truth as well. Death is so obvious for us that all our lives we don’t really care about it. What amazes me, is that despite knowing the fact that every person has to die some day, we still find it hard to believe the demise of a dear one; we still cry for it.
My encounter with people dying may not be as extensive as some others’ but it surely was heart-breaking. I wrote this poem last year, that’s like the 13th of May, 2014. Today is when these words gain significance again; another encounter! Although I shed tears mostly only for those whom I know, but I have realized things, and so I shall pray for all the lovely souls that have departed! 

Here goes the poem…

She was here just yesterday.
I felt her vibes.
She was here just yesterday.
I heard her voice.
She was here just yesterday.
I saw her smile.
She was here just yesterday.
I saw her rejoice.

She was here just yesterday
But now she’s long gone.
For an unending journey
After the one that too was long.

Departure is inevitable;
So says the truth,
So says my mind,
An’ so says the time.
But here my heart stands
Willing against all;
Standing against the big,
Standing against the small.

I stare upon the sky.
I stare with open eyes.
I stare at it all day.
I stare through the night.
Screaming silently, yet loud, to say
She was here just yesterday.

But like the branch of a tree,
I weep only for ‘my’ leaves,
And let go off the others
Pretty patiently.

I cry for the bird as well
That once nested upon me
She chirped and lurked
And played all day. Yes!
She was here just yesterday.

Now, here I stand
With all the leaves gone,
Standing alone to face the Autumn
Waiting to fall and go away.
But I know, some branch someday
For me, will say, “She was here just yesterday!”


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