Come Lord! Make us proud!

(This ballad is dedicated to all of us!)

A wintry eve
And candle light;
Lovely souls, and
A beautiful night!

Hands in hands;
Eyes give a stare.
Faces are glowing
With a brilliant glare.

Some salad, some grain,
Red and white wine;
Hearts on fire and
Chills in the spine!

Sound of the ocean
And of silent waves
Amid a history of
Cowards and braves.

“Let’s go for a walk.
Let’s have a little talk.”
“But it’s not safe. They may
Kill again through your frock!”

“This is Heaven, honey!
This is not land.
Here it’s just us,
Just us as we stand!”

“You say the truth.
Your words are right.
May all those killers,
They witness some light!”

They stood from the chairs.
They walked on the sand.
Earth below them,
And yet no land!

“Put on your rose,
That lovely red;
The colour we wore
When we were dead.”

“The bun was untied,
The flower thrown away.
Don’t you remember
That was their way?”

“Let us search now
For all of their Gods,
Who shall have to answer
For their men’s odds.”

“Where shall we search-
The sand or the seas,
The mountains, the valleys,
The meadows, or on trees?”

“He exists all around.
Let’s give Him a call.
He shall show Himself,
Once and for all.”

Together the voices
Roared clear and loud,
“God! O Lord! It’s time for you
To make your men proud.”

No lightning struck.
No mountain crashed.
The clouds didn’t burst.
No sea was slashed.

“Why didn’t Gods come?
Why not just show up?”
“Maybe they’re not here,
And men need to grow up!”

“Let’s try again,
Give another call.
I want to see, if
He’s big or small.”

Again the voices roared
Together, clear and loud,
“Come dear Lord! It’s time
That you made your men proud!”

The Heaven didn’t shake.
Flowers didn’t pour down.
No structure collapsed.
No light went down.

“Why didn’t Gods come?
Why not just show up?”
“Maybe they don’t exist
And we need to grow up!”

“Let’s try again,
Give another call.
I want to see, if
He’s short or tall!”

This time the souls called
But in a different way.
They named all His men.
‘Twas the last they could pray!

“We won’t kill you, O Lord!
You may dodge and parry.
Come not for us, but for
Your men – Tom, Dick, and Harry.”

Still no sign of the lovely Lord!
No sign of the gracious God!
With a bowed head and a sinking heart,
The souls turned to plod!

“Do you think we should be here?
You think we deserved to die?”
“No my love! They are all fools
Fighting over this big a lie!”

“Let us go back,
And not stay here.
Tell them what we know;
Make it all clear.”

“They won’t listen
To me or you.
They’ve got beliefs
They think, are true.”

“So many Gods they talk about,
But not even one to see.
I wanted to live my lovely life.
I was the bride-to-be.”

“They said our Gods were different.
How different could they be?
I learned to love, you learned to love.
What difference could there be?”

“Maybe their Gods looked different, or
They dressed differently.
And that’s why they killed us,
And probably killing currently.”

“Let’s leave them
And go back never.
Heaven’s better, with no Gods.
We’ll be happy forever!”

And they lived happily ever after…


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