Stop. Breathe. Live.

I dreamt of inventing a Time-Machine! I still do; only less obviously and less dedicatedly. And every time we went to our Computer Lab, I would secretly draw designs of a potential Time-Machine on MS-Paint! I tried so hard to imagine what it must look like, what must its colour scheme be, what must be lustrous and what must be matt because that was important to my childish brain, but with time, I kind of let go of the idea. Partly because I ended up believing that it was just stupid of me to think of doing something as such, that even men like Newton and Einstein could not achieve. Another reason for me giving up on the idea was a little more mature and kind of subtle. My thought process has certainly evolved in these eight years. And although back then I wished to go back in time and warn Emperor Jehangir of the wicked intentions of Sir Thomas Roe, and of the then British merchants whose representation he had brought (That was the most mature, patriotic and selfless thing I could think of doing!), now, I only find it silly!

I don’t intend to change anything now. I have understood that everything was as it was, only so that everything can now be as it is. The present state of the Universe that we live in, I find it too beautiful to be changed.

The fact that I love about space-time is that every time I try to probe into the being of our Universe, of our planets, stars, galaxies, and black holes, I end up feeling so insignificant! And that the cosmos is so beyond our reach. We are so weak and helpless. Despite the infiniteness of space, I still cannot help feeling so caged and stuck; thanks to our limited knowledge about what is around us, and what lies beyond us!

Our existence in this Universe is nothing but scientifically ultra-magical (Yes. I love ironies.)  We don’t even qualify as being called a speck in this enormity that surrounds us. And yet! Somehow, it’s us! Right here! Breathing this air, drinking this water, bathing in this sunshine that has all the essence of more than a million, million-year-old history, cosmic playfulness, and the creation of the Universe. How they constantly remind us of the way imperfections appeared and created beautiful elements like Gold! They remind us that finding beauty is a child’s play, but we don’t wish to play anymore. All we have to do is – Stop. Breathe. Live! For we are the consequence of some incomprehensible brilliance.


10 thoughts on “Stop. Breathe. Live.

  1. I share the same thoughts, but just like our Archaeologists keep excavating our Earth to understand and discover how our earlier civilisations worked and solved problems. You too can do the same. Keep looking into the sky, that will be space excavation. Big bang occurred. The waves from that era are still reaching us, beauty of space-time and speed of light. You never know you may find the recipe of your machine. Fantastic article!


  2. Space is so intriguing ! You come to know about earth and you think of solar system and then milky way and so on ! This search will never stop ! Our curiosity will bring us things we never imagined ! So why not allow your dreams to give you a time machine and let us know about some more interesting and frightening facts!! 🙂


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