From the eyes of a newborn

The clouds thundered and roared.
I wailed. That’s what newborns do.
My ears couldn’t handle the noise.
I wanted to keep my eyes closed.
The sky was dark, the lightning blinding.
My heart was pounding, and I,
I couldn’t stop shedding tears.
They think we cannot sense, but we can.
I knew it when I was held up,
Held up from the discomfort of the bed;
From the discomfort of the earthly things
Into the ‘arms of peace’;
Into softness softer than talcum.
She looked at me with eyes full of love
And as bright as the Pole star.
Her smile a gentle ballad
With the charm of a blank verse.
It was soothing, calming.
It was fierce – the love!
My body was newly birthed, but
My soul had seen it since forever.
I knew why she was a mother.
I knew how selfless she could be.
3:00 AM in the morning, and no,
No one could keep her asleep.
I was wailing. She could not sleep.
She tied her hair up in a bun,
Gently rested my head on her shoulder,
Hummed a soft tune, now and then,
Told me all sorts of stories –
Of kings and queens; of good, of evil;
Of fairies and witches;
Of why the clouds thundered.
Somewhere deep down, she knew,
She knew I’d understand.
I did.

Ever since she’s held me that close.
Ever since she’s comforted my cries.
Ever since she’s had my back.
And what have I done?
I’ve seen her simplicity,
Her strength, her endurance.
She’s like the words in my book.
Life would be just a bundle of blank pages
Waiting for some sense to be put in.
From the wailing child, I’ve changed,
Trying to be the lioness she is;
Trying to love like she does,
And be strong as she is,
For she makes the perfect subject
Of a blank versed poem –
Not perfect, just beautiful.

















12 thoughts on “From the eyes of a newborn

  1. The title “From the eyes of a newborn” itself speaks about your creative mind…..You have very elegantly penned down your thoughts. Our blessings are with you always !!!


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