The Rediscovery

There’s bliss. And then there’s utter bliss. Ecstasy. When you just cannot stop smiling, even when you want to. The mind and the heart be as such that you might as well end up believing you are high on some drug for sure.

We, as adults, have become so busy with our lives that we often forget what we used to admire and adore as children. It’s a perfidious trap; the sort that makes you forget about your own existence and purpose of existence. After having spent quite a while in the national capital amidst the polluted air, busy days, sleepless nights, under the starless skies, noisy streets and crowded (more aptly, suffocating) public transportation, I finally got a chance to sneak out into the wilderness of the hills today! I took the back seat in the car, two of my cousins in the front. Although that was only because they still don’t have enough faith in my driving, but I am glad I had the backseat, sitting as carefree as possible. It was just another unplanned and unintended road trip!

Having been brought up in the hilly terrains of Tehri and Rishikesh, living as close to Nature as possible, I did develop a habit of admiring the beautiful. Seventeen years of my life were spent at the places that people from all around the globe dream to escape to when they feel tired of the hustle and bustle of life. And then the next three years of my life, I didn’t realize how far I’ve come from all that. From waiting for the school bus amidst the clouds, something like this:

Image result for car in Foggy Mountain Road
Our faces beamed with equal brightness when the headlights emerged from the fog.

To waiting for the metro trains, something like this:

Image result for rajiv chowk metro station

I have definitely come a long way and had seemed to forgotten what it was like to breathe in fresh air, walk hand in hand with the clouds, breathe in serenity and breathe out positivity.

Yesterday came as one such breath of fresh air. Travelling on the road to Tehri after all these years, reviving memories of all the times the road was travelled upon, of the times that would make us excited about summer vacations, of the times we could smile at the glorious past of the mountains, of the times we could be our little selves in the infiniteness of this world. I sat with my head resting on the window, my face bearing the brunt of the gusty air, occasionally closing my eyes to absorb within me all that I was seeing after so long, and that I don’t know when am I going to see again, rather, feel again!

We stopped at certain spots to click photographs (That’s an essential for the social butterfly that I am!), to look around and see how insignificant a force we are amidst the tall and proud mountains, and to gasp at the lovely picturesque valleys. Well! No matter how scary the heights are for me, the valleys are indeed gorgeous! And if at all you doubt me, you can see for yourself.

Yes! That tiny little city in the backdrop is Rishikesh!

So the one lesson learnt after this lovely unplanned trip was that we should take such trips more often, mostly as a break from our hard-pressed routines and at times, to rediscover how beautiful life is. Because the beauty of life lies not in  commuting between workplace and home like frantic, but in travelling without a destination in mind!





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