नयी राह

These lines come amid the rising tension between nations and between individuals, all due to the hunger for more power; more authority. We, as humans, need to forget about the boundaries of regions and religions to make this world a better place for everyone. We need more love, more understanding, and more compassion.

For my non-Hindi readers, because you’ve been so kind as to visit this page, there is an English translation of the poem at the end, which started as a blank verse, but I could finally manage a rhyme scheme!

Here’s to the victims of war and conflict; to all those who are suffering directly or indirectly!

रूह की बंजर ज़मीं पर
प्रेम की बौछार लाओ|
शिथिल-सी ज्ञानेन्द्रियों को
गीतों से अपने जगाओ|

निराशा की लौ ज्वलित,
हाँ! चल रहा तूफ़ान है|
अब न जाने किस दंभ में
खो रहा इंसान है|

बात फिर से चल रही है
सत्ता की, अधिकार की|
नहीं मगर किसी को भी
है व्यग्रता विकार की|

मूर्च्छित-से होकर पड़े हैं
वृक्ष भी, और इंसान भी|
अपने ही वतन में हैं कुछ
प्रच्छन्न भी, अंजान भी|

चलो, अब कलियाँ खिलायें;
लायें ज़रा बहार नयी|
छोड़ें मंदिर-मस्जिद के नारे,
बनायें कुछ राहें नयी|

The English translation:


On your deserted soul,
Allow the showers of affection
And let your songs be the cause
Of your awaited resurrection.

The flame of despair is ablaze.
The storms are wild and loud.
Oh! Man has lost all his ways
Covered in an egoistic shroud.

There is a widespread hunger
Of power, of authority
But not a soul would think
Of the moral deformity.

All lie withered –
The trees, and the men.
Living in their very nations
Whilst identities are hidden.

So come, let’s foster some buds.
Let blossoms make it gay;
Forsake the religious slogans,
And pave a brand new way!

Featured Image Courtesy: World Press Photo of the Year: 1980 Mike Wells, United Kingdom. Karamoja district, Uganda, April 1980


10 thoughts on “नयी राह

  1. Saw you writing poem after a long gap…..Good to see you in action…..Keep on generating new innovative thoughts…Love and best wishes…”Babuji”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful!!!!!!!
    I never knew you write in Hindi so well(my mistake).
    I was in an illusion of being the best budding bilingual…..but now I’m content at being second…..seriously yaar I never met anybody writing equally good in both .
    Bilingual intellectualism is a dying art, let us be the Picasso of it.


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